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About Scion Sessions


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While still in its youth, and forever comfortable in it, Scion already has storied history both in the automotive world, and for its commitment to furthering independent music.

Scion Sessions exists to contribute creatively to Canadian music and community, upholding and inciting the sounds that score our every moment; a music program committed to producing innovative projects in direct collaboration with Canadian artists, aiming to bring value and opportunity to bands and fans alike.

Scion Sessions is an endless source of original projects on vinyl, exclusive digital releases, introspective artist videos, all pivoted around unforgettable shows throughout the country. Scion refutes convention, and so establishes new tradition. Vehicles that are predicated on passion, individuality, and accessibility beget an expanding catalogue of music, legions of allied bands, producers & DJs. Scion Sessions embarks upon a new artistic initiative that aims to catalyze more and better of the things we love, be it behind the wheel or on the floor: music we can hold, shows that only happen once.

Scion Sessions is the music vehicle of Scion Canada.