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Dominic Pierce "Vertical Feel"

Dominic Pierce "Vertical Feel"


Dominic Pierce "Vertical Feel"

In partnership with Sled Island, Scion Sessions presents the latest future nostalgic video from Calgary's Dominic Pierce - "Vertical Feel."


"Vertical Feel" follows Jack, a Calgary man who does a mean Louie Armstrong impression and can apparently disappear on command. The video also features a couple of Calgary treasures including The Blackfoot Diner Truck Stop, Recordland, The Nite Owl, The Cosmic Mansion, a couple of fully functional bridges and a parking lot!


Dominic Pierce is the man behind some of the most soulful and beat-driven music coming out of Canada today. Building on a deep house & future soul theme, he continues to explore the wide spectrum of tempo with sounds that fit no convention but his own. His energy-fused deep house, jazz and slow jam sets have recently shared the stage with acts such as Blondes, Fred Falke and Jaqcues Greene, with his productions garnering support both internationally and at home by a growing number of important taste-makers.


"Vertical Feel" was filmed by the Ramble Films Corporation - an "award-winning" Alberta based media conglomerate.

Posted: 12.02.2015