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Neon Windbreaker "Nails"

Neon Windbreaker "Nails"


Neon Windbreaker "Nails"

Celebrating the launch of their new EP "New Sky", Neon Windbreaker invited Scion Sessions into a suburban basement to see where it all began.

The new video for the song "Nails" captures their brand of controlled chaos in a suburban setting. Shot in multiple rooms of a Thornhill basement, Neon Windbreaker reference the root of where all of their bands started.

Neon Windbreaker is an outrageously exciting five-piece, treading the spidery line between noise-rock abandon and melodic structure. Their new EP New Sky is five tracks long and clocks in at under seven and half minutes. A frantic burst of uninhibited creativity, the tracks are chaotic and unpredictable without being needlessly abrasive or obtuse.

Posted: 12.13.2014