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Tommy Kruise "Rhea"

Tommy Kruise "Rhea"


Tommy Kruise "Rhea"

Tommy Kruise, one of Quebec's underground kings, has joined forces with Scion Sessions to bring you this latest visual masterpiece - the official video for "Rhea".


"A lot of people were askin' me what was I up to and what I was cookin' up in the last few months. Is Tommy hiding ? Is Tommy troubled by this dry year in rap music ? Those are just some questions I was gettin' on the daily on my twitter feed. I decided to bring Martin Pariseau to my place in order to shoot a little day in the life. By day in the life, I mean a very honest one. No fireworks, no colored smoke bombs and no slow motion. Needless to say, everybody knows now."

- Tommy Kruise 

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Posted: 10.17.2015